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Noline Skeet is the director of Branching-out Consultancy. Noline has had 40 year in education from a teacher, various senior management positions, school principal and a principal adviser.She has had 18 years experience as a dynamic and innovative school principal in South Auckland. Her schools vary from small country schools, inner city low decile schools to foundation principal of a decile 10 school. 

Noline's most recent experience was the foundation principal of The Gardens School in Manurewa Auckland. The Gardens School was well known for innovative, cutting edge practices for child centred learning.

 In her exciting role as an education consultant, Noline is keen to work in schools to inspire and help lay foundations for future orientated learning for our students.



Noline has extensive knowledge and experience of  PLOT (Professional Learning On-Line Tool) to support schools in forming their professional learning community. Find out more visit -



Recent Experience


  • Leadership team development
  • Coaching for Principals
  • Coaching for AP/DPs
  • Principal Appraisal
  • Leadership Appraisal
  • Professional Learning Groups
  • Systems management
    • Performance management programmes
    • Strategic planning
    • Cuirriculum development
    • Community consultation
  • Learning 
    • Inquiry learning
    • Action research - collecting evidence using classroom walk throughs